Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Medical Care on Ambergris Caye - What to know before buying in Belize

One of the primary concerns my clients have when researching Belize is “What is the Medical Care Like?”

This is a good question considering that many people have various health issues that they are dealing with. And they want to make sure that if they spend any considerable amount of time in Belize that they can get the medical care they need.

Well, I can speak from personal experience that the medical care here is amazing and I feel very comfortable living here.

I have always felt good about the quality of the doctors who live here on Ambergris Caye. I know they are all very qualified and board certified and that many of them are schooled in the U.S. or Cuba. They are all very knowledgeable and many of them have their own field of expertise as well as offering general care. They are always friendly and willing to take time with all of their patients. They are never rushed or hurried like many doctors are back in the States. It’s nice to have a doctor who actually listens!

My wife and I have had to go and see the local doctors here for minor things like a sinus infection or a stomach bug that lasted a little too long. Each visit was quick and easy and we had our prescriptions and got back home in under a half hour. Where we live at the Belize Yacht Club there are several good doctors’ offices within a 2-3 minute walk.

But the care here goes well beyond just the minor cuts, scrapes and illnesses. Our doctors here are highly trained to deal with real emergencies as well. And even though we don’t have a full blown hospital here our doctors are quiet able to get even a very seriously injured patient stabilized enough to get them to Belize City where one of the private hospitals can offer them world class care.

I’ve seen examples of people being rushed to one of our local doctors who had severe head concussions, broken ribs and internal bleeding, limb amputations, heart attacks, strokes and anaphylactic shock. In some cases it was late at night and the doctors were sleeping. But they quickly opened up their office, attended to the sick or injured and saved their lives. Some had to be flown to one of the private hospitals in Belize City for further medical care. But in each case it was the care of our local doctors here that stood out.

There is more information that I’m gathering which I’ll blog about in upcoming posts. In the meantime if you have any specific health related questions just ask me and I’ll see if I can get the answers for you.

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